What is the IGCSE program?

What is the IGCSE program?
  • July 26 2021
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IA – Posing as an important point in the path of international education in Vietnam, the IGCSE program is chosen by many students and parents as a prerequisite for studying abroad. So what is the IGCSE program? How does it affect it?

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What is the IGCSE program?

Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14-16-year-olds, leading to globally recognized and valued Cambridge IGCSE qualification. IGCSE stands for International General Certificate for Secondary Education.

Unlike GCSE – a program taught mainly in the UK, while IGCSE is an international education program taught in many countries around the world. Regarding the IGCSE exam board, there are a total of 6 committees: “AQA, Pearson Edexcel, OCR, CCEA, WJEC, and CIE”. All 6 exam boards are additionally regulated by the Bureau of Examination Standards and Regulations. In Vietnam, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the main exam board dedicated to providing international education programs and degrees to students aged 5 to 19.

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Because IGCSE in Vietnam follows the CIE exam board, there will be 2 exam seasons:

  • May – June
  • October – November

What are the benefits of studying IGCSE?

After we know “What is the IGCSE program?”, the next thing to mention is the benefits of studying IGCSE. The program is the gateway to further study or to specialized studies in your home country or abroad. This program can help you:

  • Studying at a foreign university
  • There are good opportunities for career advancement
  • Pass the foreign language exams for living or studying abroad. For example, getting a C in IGCSE English is usually a requirement for a foreign language at some universities in some English-speaking countries.
  • Develop skills that will help you live a better and more successful life

IGCSE Curriculum

IGCSE subjects will depend on the actual conditions of each school, each subject will be awarded a separate certificate upon completion of the course. With more than 70 subjects, including more than 30 language courses, it offers a variety of routes for learners of different abilities. Cambridge IGCSE develops learners’ knowledge, understanding, and skills in:

  • Subject content
  • Applying knowledge and understanding to familiar and new situations
  • Intellectual inquiry
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • Working and communicating in English
  • Influencing outcomes
  • Cultural awareness
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With more than 70 subjects to choose from, students must pay attention when choosing subjects. The main rule of subject selection is that you must choose at least 5 minimum subjects (of which the core subject is Math – Science – English). Our advice to all students when choosing an IGCSE subject is:

– Choose subjects that you love and are interested in.

– Choose subjects that you are good at.

– Think about the career you are passionate about or the program you want to study at the University.

Ability range and grading system of IGCSE

The IGCSE grading scale is divided into 2 levels. In most subjects, there is a choice between Core and Extended curriculum units. This allows teachers to decide on the most appropriate level of papers for their students. The Core program is a core knowledge program about the subject, while the Extended program includes both the Core program and the Supplement. The Extended curriculum has been designed for the more academically able and leads naturally into higher education or professional training.

Target Grades

Grades Available

Core Curriculum


Extended Curriculum

A* A B C D E


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