IGCSE exam preparation with IGCSE test prep books

IGCSE test prep books
  • March 3 2021
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IA – Now that there are a lot of IGCSE test prep books appearing on the market, many students are interested in finding ways to prepare for IGCSE test materials.

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Some IGCSE test prep books

The amount of IGCSE test prep books on the market can overwhelm students in their process of choosing the suitable study material. With the examination closing in, it’s time for students to start reviewing the main knowledge. IGCSE is known to be quite a troublesome opponent, that’s why we have gathered a number of places where you can find well-known IGCSE materials:

  • If you are finding past paper to practice then please check out this website: www.savemyexam.co.uk. Many schools also utilize past papers on this website for their students to practice.
  • If full subject notes are what you are looking for then check out https://znotes.org
IGCSE exam experience

IGCSE exam experience

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IGCSE exam preparation with IGCSE test prep books

  • Form a study schedule

This is a method that many students use because of its high efficiency and ease of application. Build yourself a revision timetable two months or three before your IGCSE examinations. List all the IGCSE subjects and topics tested for the exam. Make sure to designate sufficient time for all your subjects especially the weaker subjects.

Having a schedule will help you know which subjects should be prioritized. You can also use the daily or weekly study planner to guide you throughout your review period.

It is also good to have a plan the day before. Plan what you are going to revise today. It can be reading notes or redoing exercise that you did wrong in class. 

IGCSE exam tips

IGCSE exam tips

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  • Keep practicing

Many IGCSE students recommend doing more outside exercises than just doing what’s in the textbook. This is probably the best way to learn IGCSE. The questions in your textbook mainly test the basics while the outside exercises are the real problem. You can find online practice exercises at the Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers.

  • Find your learning style

Everybody has their own learning style that suits them best. Some may prefer learning at home while some may do better when they are in cafes or libraries to understand their own learning style is a trial-and-error process. However, your productivity will increase dramatically if you apply the style that works best for you.

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