Science in English

Science is a subject of research and experimentation in many areas of life. Realistically speaking, everything and everyday phenomena around are governed by scientific principles.

To better understand the properties of existence, the movement of nature, it is not possible to use only knowledge of a single scientific field, but also the integration of knowledge from many different fields. Therefore, Science in English is introduced right from Elementary level at many international schools. 

Intertu Academy has compiled a Science in English curriculum based on that of Key Stage 1-2-3 and IGCSE from Cambridge – the leading education organization. By teaching Science in English, we can show that our nation education has caught up with the world’s educational trends because it gives students certain advantages:

  • Science in English not only brings expertise into the table, but also helps improve English communication ability
  • Other than gaining specialized knowledge, students will also gain proficient use of communicative English. 
  • Science in English subjects including: Physics, Chemistry, Biology introduces students to specialized English terminology, helping students easily understand materials, specialized information in English at the bachelor level.
  • The innovative and active method of teaching Science in English according to Cambridge international program standards equips students with the ability to self-study, forming an energetic learning spirit.
  • Studying Science in English gives students access to the world’s education, helping them adapt to the study environment in a foreign country or study a bachelor’s program entirely in English in the future.
  • Students will have sufficient knowledge to register for exams of international certificates such as IGCSE and A-level to apply to prestigious universities around the world.

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