Math in English

As a compulsory subject in most educational levels and almost in all majors, Math helps stimulate brain usage, increases reasoning and critical thinking abilities, logical thinking, nurtures intelligence …

Math in English is the trend that many parents choose for their children to study instead of just learning mundane communication English because of the benefits that this subject brings:

  • Subject knowledge not only helps to access Math in English but through which English proficiency also improves.
  • Increase English vocabulary through each Math topic, optimize the ability to use specialized English terminology in Mathematics.
  • Develop thinking of Western Math, which is focused on logical thinking, creativity, and practical application. 
  • Develop Math skills according to world standards, creating opportunities for students to participate in international Math exams
  • Great preparation for studying abroad in the future
  • Build a solid foundation of knowledge for international exams and certificates such as IGCSE, A-level, SAT, ACT …

At Intertu Academy, our Math in English curriculum is exclusively compiled by combining knowledge from many international programs and certificates, such as: Cambridge, SAT, ACT,… with Vietnamese education programs.


The curriculum provides from basic to intermediate knowledge with an average score of SAT and A-level scores as standard output to help students prepare sufficient knowledge and skills to succeed in an international learning environment, taught entirely in English both domestically and internationally.

Intertu Academy offers a clear advantage for public school students. It’s also the right choice for those who intend to transition to an international education environment, study abroad in English-speaking countries or win scholarships for advanced and talented bachelor’s degrees at universities in the country.

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