In the era of globalization, many of us need to understand the importance of English. By mastering this language, students will seize many good opportunities in the future:

Study abroad in developed countries
Working in foreign companies, multinational corporations
Opportunities to work and cooperate with many parts of the world
Having a good job with high pay

Moreover, regular English learning will support students to:

  • Train your thinking
  • Develop discipline.
  • Cultural and economic exchanges with friends from across the world
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Connect with human knowledge through documents, books in English.

The teaching content has been logically systemized to make the curriculum as easy to understand as possible. The content is based on the mainstream curriculum for international – bilingual students learning English as a second language so it will be easier for them to get acquainted with English step-by-step from the beginning, from basic to advanced in all 4 skills: listening – speaking – reading – writing.

Courses to choose from

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