About Us

Following the success of Intertu Education – An educational center pioneering in after-school tutoring in Math and Science for international students, Intertu Academy will be the next member in our system, with the mission of teaching Math and Science in English for students from grades 1 to 12 across the nation in the form of bilingualism.

Intertu Academy offer a curriculum that is thoroughly research by a highly specialized academic team and advisor, graduated from universities around the world. This curriculum is exclusively compiled based on the standard of many international educational program worldwide, such as: Key Stage 1-2-3, Checkpoint, IGCSE, A-level, IB, SAT… of various international educational organizations like: Cambridge, College Board, IBO…


Intertu Academy aims to support all Vietnamese students to quickly access international level of education by helping them interact with Math and Science in English knowledge right from high school.  Specifically, students will get the best preparation for future options such as: studying abroad, participating in international Olympic competition, applying for transnational Bachelor’s degree program, applying for talented Bachelor’s degree in English… according to these core values: Amity – Basis – Initiative – Success.


To become a leading chain of academic centers in Vietnam, specialized in teaching Math and Science in English to Vietnamese students while aiming to establish a national qualifiled inter-level school system for teaching in English.  


To help millions of Vietnamese students get used to Math and Science in English, thereby building and promoting their forte, self-study ability as a foundation for future specialized research process and participating in national as well as international competition using English as the main language.

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