IGCSE exam preparation tips to achieve high performance

Bí quyết luyện thi IGCSE
  • March 9 2021
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IA – Currently, IGCSE is becoming more popular with Vietnamese students, the demand for studying and preparing for this certificate is not small. To achieve high results on the IGCSE program exam, students need IGCSE exam preparation tips to achieve high performance.

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IGCSE program

IGCSE is a globally recognized qualification for students aged 14 to 16 during the first two years. The program has more than 70 subjects classified into Core and Extended levels.

Students can choose from 6 to 9 subjects. In which, students can choose a minimum of 3 subjects and a maximum of 6 subjects of Extended level.

The scale for Extended level is from A* to G and for Core level is C to G, the score U is unsatisfactory. To get good score, you need to have IGCSE exam preparation tips to achieve high performance.

IGCSE exam materials

IGCSE exam materials

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IGCSE exam preparation tips to achieve high performance

  • Reading: Outside of class time, homework is extremely important. There is more time to reflect on the definitions, understand examples and apply them to homework.
  • Asking friends when having problems: This can help students remember the lesson for longer and gain more knowledge that they “don’t think about”.
  • Mind map: Read carefully the lesson, draw conclusions, and then straighten the cone to write on paper so that knowledge will be imprinted on brain cells to help remember longer.
  • Expanded vocabulary database: Connect new vocabulary with your existing ones and practice putting sentence patterns in English in daily homework situations to get acquainted.
  • Focusing on practical application: Students should explore more deeply the practical applications of the knowledge they are learning and how to present that knowledge in English.
  • Trial test: It is important to familiarize yourself with the exam structure so that students make the most of the IGCSE test-preparation know-how in the time of writing and get the most out of it.
  • Schedule for exam review: Schedule helps you list the topics to review, organize and plan each subject appropriately.
IGCSE tutors

IGCSE tutors

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How to prepare for IGCSE exam?

  • Get enough sleep and do exercise will help you improve muscle strength, create energy to think clearly, absorb and memorize knowledge effectively.
  • Try out exams from previous years to review to help them understand the content of knowledge they have grasped and uncover knowledge gaps.
  • Arrange for better time management by planning each part of the exam review.
  • Prepare yourself mentally before entering the exam to face one of the biggest barriers to overcome the failure.

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