Math in English teaching resources

Math in English teaching resources
  • December 4 2021
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IA – Math in English in recent years has become popular not only for international – bilingual – integrated students but also for public students. Therefore, the demand for finding Math in English teaching resources is increasing day by day.

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Math in English

Math is known as the science of all sciences, because most of the knowledge from prominent sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology… also comes from the background of Math. No matter where you study or according to any program, Math is always a compulsory subject, if the study results are not satisfactory, it will greatly affect the final achievement as well as the future steps.

Math content revolves around number, algebra, functions, equations, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics… In some advanced programs, students also learn more about matrix or mechanics which is more applicable than pure math.

Compared with other subjects, Math resources are much more diverse, students have more opportunities but also more challenges because they have to consider choosing reliable sources. When having Math in English teaching resources, students will have more time to invest, do more complex math forms, accumulate a rich source of English terms, so they will be familiar with many different exams and avoid being “trapped” when taking the test.

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Math in English teaching resources

Math Learning Center

  • The website gathers many materials related to many topics in Math, especially including games and illustrations, stimulating students to develop thinking in the learning process.
  • Not only teaching Math, the files also go into deep interpretation of the nature of Math, which is very suitable for students who are interested in studying mathematical theory instead of just simply calculating.

K-5 Math Teaching Resources

  • True to its name, K-5 Math dedicated to primary school students, from preschool to grade 5 with content mainly revolving around number and geometry.
  • In addition to being able to participate in solving math problems directly on the website, students also receive advice on their Math level, register for educational events or choose to purchase course-related textbooks.
  • The only disadvantage is that the free resources are not that much, if you want to access more deeply, students must accept to pay for the content that is not public on the website.

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Online Math Learning

  • This is a suitable platform for students studying A-level, IGCSE, GCSE… or preparing for international certification exams like SSAT, SAT, ACT…
  • In addition to math games, the website also has many sample test sets of many different Math programs, helping students practice past papers and be more confident before taking the actual exam.
  • Resources are divided by grade and topic, so it’s relatively easy to find, but the website contains a lot of ads, so students need to be careful to avoid clicking on irrelevant content.

Math Teaching

  • The website lists most of the most reputable Math learning platforms in the world, including math game websites and online learning at home.
  • If students want to study in the US, this website could not be more suitable because there are a whole series of Common Core Math materials for every school in every state in the US.

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