What is Cambridge Mathematics program?

IA - Xu hướng học chương trình Cambridge ngày càng được nhiều phụ huynh đón nhận và định hướng học tập cho con em mình nhưng ít ai biết Toán chương trình Cambridge là gì?
  • November 6 2021
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IA – The trend of learning Cambridge program is more and more accepted by parents and learning orientation for their children, but few people know what is Cambridge Mathematics program?

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What is special about learning Math in English?

Learning Math in English has actually received a lot of attention from parents and students for a long time, but now is growing stronger because Cambridge programs are taught and studied in most schools, providing the most effective opportunities for students to practice foreign languages and interact with international knowledge.

Mathematics is inherently difficult but is chosen by many students because it is taught at all levels and is relevant to almost all areas of life. This subject also helps students to form logical and coherent thinking, develop analytical ability, practice carefulness and patience, and improve problem-solving skills.

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What is Cambridge Mathematics program?

Cambridge Mathematics is a program that promotes the development of mathematical knowledge as an important life skill and a solid basis for further study. The course builds confidence and develops competence and fluency with mathematical concepts, methods, and skills, as well as a sense of numbers, patterns, and relationships.

Cambridge Primary consists of 5 topics: arithmetic, geometry, measurement, data processing, and problem-solving. It develops a comprehensive subject-matter understanding focusing on principles, rules, systems, functions, and relationships, through which students can apply their knowledge.

Cambridge Lower Secondary consists of 6 topics: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measurement, data processing, and problem-solving. These topics provide a structure for the application of math skills, a method of mathematical thinking based on problem-solving, and a focus on principles, rules, systems, functions, and relationships, enabling students to develop a holistic understanding of the subject.

Schools can optionally combine subjects at IGCSE, AS and A-level as this flexibility means schools can build a bespoke program, and students can choose to specialize the topics, or learn the full syllabus.

Once you have a clear understanding of “what is Cambridge Mathematics program“, you should start with finding a companion to help with problems. The teachers will be ready to check where you are, help you when you have trouble solving the exercises, teach you which topics to review, what exercises to do, give tips to you can apply, and compose mock tests that you can try so that your learning will become easier.

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Does HCMC have a Cambridge Mathematics center?

Currently, there are quite a few Math centers in English, but choosing the right Cambridge Math teaching center, you need to spend a lot of time researching to choose a reputable training center that suits your needs.

When learning Math in English, you need to spend time understanding and in-depth, thoroughly understanding the subject, and being able to apply it to life, you need to find a companion to help you throughout the course of the subject. Limiting the loss of basic knowledge, it is not until you have a problem that you need to fill in the knowledge gap.

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