Chemistry in English teaching materials

Chemistry in English teaching materials
  • April 9 2021
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IA – Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology is one of the natural sciences with a lot of knowledge, with quite a lot of specialized terms. Here are some Chemistry in English teaching materials to help you get more in this field.

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Chemistry in English programs

Chemistry in English programs such as IB Chemistry, AP Chemistry, A-level Chemistry, IGCSE Chemistry… focuses on deepening on many chemical elements and the reactions between them through 2 topics: Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, includes basic knowledge such as substances, compounds, minerals, water, salt, acids, bases…

Methods of finding Chemistry in English teaching materials are meet the knowledge standards, know how to distribute knowledge and exercises, get the methods of answers to effective reference exercises, make the lesson always more attractive… Learning in English is quite difficult, so finding Chemistry in English teaching materials is also difficult.

Chemistry in English center

                          Chemistry in English center

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Chemistry in English teaching materials

Chemistry Now

  • For students in middle-high school.
  • The website hosts a variety of videos related to Chemistry lesson plans for middle and high school students.
  • Created by National Association of Science Teachers (NSTA) and NSF.

ChemEd DL: Chemistry Education Digital Library

  • For high school-college or higher students.
  • The website offers different Chemistry fields and for different levels of study.
  • Provides everything you need to teach and learn Chemistry resources, including interactive simulations, tutorials, activities, references, images, videos and covers all aspects of Chemistry education…

American Chemical Society Education Website

Chemistry in English tutors

Chemistry in English tutors

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WWW Chemistry Guide

  • For high school students.
  • More than 250 links are primarily aimed at chemists and researchers but are also useful for teachers and students.
  • The site provides information, resources, design and navigation.


  • For junior high school students.
  • Includes basic Chemistry knowledge like explanation, activity and physical, atomic, elemental, periodic table, reach, biochemistry…

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Some natural sciences including Chemistry are being taught in the international, bilingual and integrated program. Finding Chemistry in English teaching materials requires a lot of factors, you need to choose which are suitable to achieve the highest academic results.

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