Why should you study Science in English?

Science in english
  • September 27 2021
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IA – Why should students learn Science in English even though this subject is not popular? What will the benefits of the growing trend of studying Science in English bring to students?


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Why should students learn Science in English?

Group study of science subjects in English is quite important for students studying in international, bilingual, integrated schools. Science encompasses the whole systematic activity of constructing and organizing knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the world around us.

When you study well in this subject, you will clearly understand issues related to the phenomenon of the Earth, people and society of a research nature and attract the interest of students, stimulate thinking and curiosity when learning science in English, but not limited to learning in Vietnamese.

In addition, studying Science in English also supports students to develop dual mindset in both linguistic thinking and logical thinking. This helps students form the habit of thinking in English at an early age, creating a premise to expand their ability to study other subjects or fields in English later on.

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Benefits of study Science in English

The Science curriculum includes subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, … or it can be a General Science subject that combines knowledge of many different fields together.

Currently, the number of students study Science in English is growing rapidly because it brings many practical benefits in terms of opportunities to practice foreign languages ​​and exposure to international Science knowledge most effectively for students.

Science helps students form logical thinking, understand everyday phenomena in our lives, develop analytical abilities, and practice problem-solving skills not only in learning but also in the classroom. life. Therefore, the combination of teaching Science subjects in English has brought outstanding advantages, making the trend of studying Science in English increasingly open.

Learning subjects such as Math, Science, Economics, Accounting, … in English brings undeniable benefits such as:

  • Improve knowledge and skills in English
  • Create a solid foundation of academic English
  • Ability to read and understand in-depth international literature on majors
  • Support for studying to university programs in English or studying abroad

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Does Ho Chi Minh City have a science teaching center in English?

Currently, there are quite a few science centers in English, but choosing the right center requires you to spend a lot of time researching to choose a reputable training center that suits your needs.

When studying science in English, you need to spend time understanding and in-depth, you need to find a companion to help you throughout the course. To limit the loss of basic knowledge, you don’t have to wait until you have a problem to fill in the knowledge gap.

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