Integrated program in 2021

  • January 10 2021
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IA – The integrated program has been applied by MOET since 2014 and has seen more and more improvement and innovation. So, is there anything else special about the integrated program in 2021?

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What’s hot about the integrated program?

Integrated program in 2021 is compiled to integrate with the UK national program and the national standard program of MOET in 3 subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science. Students will learn 8 more periods/week (for Primary and Secondary) and 15 periods/week (for High School) with 100% native teachers. Students will access advanced and modern learning methods and reduce the content and knowledge that overlaps with the ministry’s program.

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible that in 2021, the tuition fees of the integrated program in schools will change significantly. In addition, preventive measures to prevent the spread of this pandemic have also been seriously and rigorously deployed.

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Integrated program in 2020

What are the pros and cons of the integrated program in 2021?


  • Exposure to English: The integrated program helps students improve their English skills more by using this language when doing Math, writing Literature, studying Science, and other subjects. This will be a good foundation for those who plan to study at international secondary schools or high schools as well as global universities.
  • Participation in international exams: As the students’ English level improves, the international exams will be more and more selected. Thanks to their extensive exposure to English across subjects, students can apply their learned knowledge to achieve high scores in international certificates such as Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS… It’s so much easier to study international subjects.
  • Accumulation of soft skills: Students are equipped with important skills for university study that Vietnamese students generally lack such as critical thinking, group work skills, discussion, presentation, self-learning…

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Cons: Many students learning English are still weak, so when they learn the integrated program, they cannot absorb the lesson even though they are supported by Vietnamese teachers. In addition, there are many tutoring centers that do not really understand the core of the integrated program, so they do not have an appropriate way of conveying knowledge.

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Integrated program in 2022

It has been 7 years so far since the first integrated program was applied in Vietnam. Although this program brings many benefits for each student, there are still some problems that cannot be improved, this depends on the cooperation from schools, teachers, parents and students.

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