Why should you study Math in English?

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  • September 30 2021
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IA – The reason why you should study Math in English will come from different purposes, however, in general, Math in English will bring great benefits and affect students’ study path and future careers.

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Why study Math in English?

Mathematics is one of the important subjects at any school level from primary, elementary to high school. Mathematics deals with problems involving numbers as well as transformations involving structural and spatial change. Mathematical knowledge is also very necessary for humans when they are applied in a variety of daily activities. Therefore, learning Math, in general, will bring a lot of practical benefits. So, for Math in English, what is the difference between the curriculum and its benefits?

Math in English is not simply acquiring knowledge of Mathematics but also acquiring more vocabulary not only in the field of Mathematics but also in many other related fields in the learning process. In addition, students are also stimulated to develop thinking, reasoning, problem-solving skills, etc., helping to build the ability to acquire knowledge in parallel with non-native languages.

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In addition, when studying Math in English, students also have the opportunity to access high-quality international programs and are accredited according to international standards. Moreover, with language skills and other skills developed, students can further self-study through the endless store of data and knowledge through the Internet. With most of the advanced knowledge in English, students can access international and up-to-date knowledge that is constantly innovating.

For students who plan to study abroad or earn international and foreign degrees and certificates, Math in English is a subject that should be considered. The course will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pass international exams, providing opportunities for scholarships, credit exemptions, or the opportunity to study at prestigious universities and expand potential career opportunities. Students can also apply Math in English to participate in national or international math competitions, bringing back valuable prizes and other benefits such as having achievements recognized in their diplomas, earn points for some exams and increase your chances of working at large and high-quality companies.

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How is Math in English different from Regular Math?

When students study Math in English, they will be encouraged to be proactive, apply more practice than dry theory, reduce the heavy load on theory, help students develop comprehensively in theory and practice, easy and useful applications in real life.

There are many international programs with Math in English such as IB, AP, A-level, IGCSE, etc. compiled according to the international standard curriculum. It can be said that the curriculum put into teaching is extremely diverse, not standard according to the framework of a set of textbooks applicable to all schools such as Mathematics in Vietnamese. Depending on the needs of the student towards, in accordance with the study path and the desire to study abroad in the world.

The course grading process is also different from regular Math. Each program has a different grading system. Subjects in English in general and Math in English, in particular, will be graded according to many criteria such as reasoning, analysis, level of comprehension, the accuracy of knowledge, etc., and each test item will have a corresponding score, possibly on a numerical scale or literal scale, not a point for the entire work.

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Currently, Math in English is not only taught in international programs but also in Vietnamese public schools as an integrated program. Therefore, students may also face many difficulties when approaching this subject. That is why parents and students can consider asking for professional support from the after-school international education tutoring center to strengthen students’ knowledge more firmly after studying at school. Thereby, students will be more confident when going to class and succeed in learning.

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