Where should you take Economics in English tutoring?

Where should you take Economics in English tutoring?
  • September 10 2021
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IA – In most international programs, Economics is always a subject that attracts the attention of many students because of its uniqueness and novelty. That is the reason many people are finding where should you take Economics in English tutoring nowadays 

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What is Economics?

Before knowing where you can take Economics in English tutoring, you need to have a basic grasp of this subject.

Economics, at its core, is the study of people. It is an art focused on seeking to explain what drives people’s behavior, decisions, and reactions when faced with difficulty or success. Economics is a discipline that combines politics, sociology, psychology, and history.

Upon learning Economics, you will obtain skills, approaches, and ways of thinking that you can apply to solve a wide range of problems. With these benefits, this subject has become one of the central fields underpinning the study of business and management.

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Is Economics hard?

Although Economics is a social science, this subject is sometimes difficult for many students and requires calculations in the learning process and background knowledge of other subjects such as Sociology, Politics,… Here are the factors that make this subject difficult:

  1. Economics can sometimes be quite dry and complicated because Economics often uses a lot of theories, models, diagrams, and equations to help students visualize how the world works from an Economic perspective.
  2. Economics is often biased because every teacher will have his or her own way of seeing and understanding Economics and those opinions can prevent students from having an objective point of view while learning this subject.

Where should you take Economics in English tutoring?

Like all subjects, Economics also has ways to solve and overcome difficult points. The easiest method, though expensive, but most effective, is to learn more at teaching centers or tutors. However, where should you take Economics tutoring? To answer that question, we need to consider the criteria when looking for a center or tutor to teach Economics:

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  1. A good center/tutor should help build student confidence: Most students have low self-esteem. What a center/tutor has to do is help students believe in themselves and believe in themselves, because students who believe in themselves are better equipped to succeed in their studies.
  2. A good center/tutor must be well prepared: This is the first thing that every parent or student should look for. To be able to conduct a lesson in the best possible way, many factors need to be met such as facilities, lesson plans, teaching plans, level assessments, …
  3. A good center/tutor must help students build their own independence: Independence here is that students can voluntarily acquire knowledge, detect and correct mistakes, monitor their own learning progress, and acknowledge their own strengths and weaknesses. Once students have built independence in learning, learning efficiency will increase significantly because then they have determined their own goal and direction.

With the listed 3 factors, none of which Intertu Academy is lacking. Intertu Academy offers a curriculum that is thoroughly researched by a highly specialized academic team and advisor, graduated from universities around the world. This curriculum is exclusively compiled based on the standard of many international educational programs worldwide, such as Key Stage 1-2-3, Checkpoint, IGCSE, A-level, IB, SAT… of various international educational organizations like Cambridge, College Board, IBO…

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