How to study international programs well?

How to study international programs well
  • June 15 2021
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IA – Maybe people who is studying international programs or planning to study in this program will wonder the question how to study international programs well?

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Besides the knowledge regarding subjects, students have to be good at English especially writing and speaking skills when attending to international programs. So, how to study international programs well?

  1. Use effectively school time

The time student study at school is when teachers explain knowledge as well as exercises, so you need to focus on listening to the lecture and recording important ideas. If you do not understand anything, you need to ask immediately the teacher to answer or proactively ask questions and make comments or opinions about the topic. By that way, you will understand the lesson and remember the knowledge better. There are many students who are not good enough English listening skills because of the academic vocabulary or pronunciation of the teacher, you can record the lecture content, then listen to it as much as possible.

Integrated programs teaching

Integrated programs teaching

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  1. Get interested in the subject

When you are interested in any subject, you will be determined and spend a lot of time discovering new things and solving problems related to that subject. In the learning process, there will be subjects you love or you are better than others, in addition to praticing and developing your strengths, you also need to allocate time to other subjects, because each subject plays important role in exams as well as in life. For subjects that you are not interested in, try to find out another aspect or benefit and its application to your daily life or interests so that you are interested in that subject. 

  1. Increase the exercise from basic to advanced

To be really good at international subjects, after acquiring knowledge in class, you need to review lectures and practice many applied exercises from basic to advanced to apply the theory you have learned into the exercises. In addition, solving many problems, you will learn a lot of experiences, remember the theory and deeply understand the problem.

Intergrated program tutoring

Intergrated program tutoring

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  1. Study regularly

For subjects, especially international program subjects, you should study regularly and avoid cramming or studying when you have exams, as the international program is a chain of knowledge, which you need grasp basic knowledge, have to practice and do homework every day, so that they can learn well.

  1. Improve academic English

One of the answers to the question of how to study international programs well is improving academic English. Unlike Vietnam’s training program, the international program teaches 100% in English, so you need to practice your English every day, especially learning more specialized English vocabulary will help you understand and grasp the lesson effectively. You can also read more books, newspapers, watch videos… to enrich your academic vocabulary.

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