What is Cambridge Science program?

Khoa học chương trình Cambridge là gì?
  • October 26 2021
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IA – Science in English is not yet widely available, but the trend of learning Science subjects in English is growing. So “what is Cambridge Science program” and how does it benefit?

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What is Cambridge program?

Cambridge program is a teaching program in high schools managed by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). The program includes Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Secondary, Cambridge IGCSE, and Cambridge AS & A-level, helps students at all levels develop skills including critical thinking, research, teamwork and collaboration.

The program follows the standards of British education combining the content of subjects in English. Some bilingual schools teach this program in parallel with the Ministry of Education and Training program.

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What is Cambridge Science program?

Science curriculum includes modules such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology… or it can be a General Science subject that combines knowledge of many different fields together. Currently, the number of studying Science in English is growing rapidly because it brings many practical benefits to students.

Cambridge Primary consists of 4 modules: science exploration, biology, chemistry, and physics. The course helps students to be aware of the environment, explore science, ideas, evaluate evidence, plan, investigate, record, and analyze data.

Cambridge Lower Secondary consists of 4 modules: science exploration, biology, chemistry, and physics. To help students develop confidence and explore ideas, evaluate, and analyze data, this course focuses on scientific discovery as well as environmental awareness.

Cambridge IGCSE and AS & A-level will separate Science into 3 subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology. However, in IGCSE program, students still have the right to choose IGCSE Combined Science and IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences if they still want to study Science as in one subject including many modules inside.

After knowing “what is Cambridge Science program“, you should start with a reasonable schedule so that you have more opportunities to practice foreign languages and expose yourself to scientific knowledge.

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Why should you study Cambridge Science program?

Study science subjects in English is quite important for students in international, bilingual, and integrated schools. Science encompasses the whole systematic activity of constructing and organizing knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

When you study well in this subject, you will clearly understand issues related to the phenomenon of the Earth, people, and society with a research nature and attract the interest of students, stimulate thinking and curiosity when learning in English, but not limited to learning in Vietnamese.

In the process of looking for help from teachers or friends, you will understand clearly the problems in the subject and find great solutions that you should not ignore.

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