Where to study Math in English?

Where to study Math in English
  • February 24 2021
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IA – Math is one of the subjects that play an important role in both school and life. That’s the reason why students increasingly pursue higher levels of Math and studying Math in English is a typical example. But where to study Math in English?

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Math in English

Math program consisting of knowledge from the basic to the advanced levels is divided into two main sections:

  • Algebra: Decimal numbers, indices, percentages, radicals, equations, and simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, statistics, trigonometry, matrices, variance…
  • Geometry: line segments, lines, angles, triangles, vectors, transformation geometry, trigonometric equations, polyhedra, cone, cylinder, sphere…

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Why is learning Math in English so difficult?

  • Math knowledge is a chain. If there are gaps, it will be difficult to continue in the next lessons, resulting in poor academic performance.
  • Math also requires strong logic and cognitive recognition in order to solve geometrical problems as well as other difficult algebraic ones.
  • Memorizing Math terms in English is necessary but this is also a major obstacle, especially for students moving from the Vietnamese curriculum to the international curriculum.

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Where to study Math in English?

Understanding these difficulties, after-school tutoring centers were officially born and is also the answer to the question of where to study Math in English. They aimed at students studying at international schools and integrated programs, who need to be consulted and provided supplementary courses for after-hours knowledge. Teachers have many years of experience teaching international programs or have experienced themselves, so they will understand the difficulties that students are facing, then they could help students overcome the problem with effective methods.

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