Trend of learning Science subjects in English

Trend of learning Science subjects in English
  • August 9 2021
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IA – Studying Science subjects in English is not new, although it has not been widely popularized, but the trend of learning Science subjects in English is increasingly flourishing in public schools across the country to lift the quality of education.

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Benefits of learning Science in English

The Science curriculum can be individual subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Psychology, … or it can be a Science subject that combines knowledge of many different fields together.

The trend of learning Science subjects in English is growing rapidly because it brings many actual benefits in terms of opportunities to practice foreign languages and exposure to international Science knowledge most effectively for students.

Science helps students form logical thinking, understand everyday phenomena in our life, develop analytical abilities, and practice problem-solving skills not only in learning but also in living. Therefore, teaching Science subjects in English has brought outstanding advantages, making the trend of learning Science subjects in English increasingly.

Learning subjects such as Math, Science, Economics, Accounting, … in English brings undeniable benefits such as:

  • Improve knowledge and skills in English
  • Create a solid foundation of academic English
  • Ability to read, understand, and deeply study international documents on majors
  • Support for studying university programs in English or studying abroad
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Trend of learning Science subjects in English

The above benefits have gradually changed the orientation of many parents. More and more parents are choosing for their children to study Science in English instead of just studying in Vietnamese as in previous years.

Here are the trends of studying Science in English:

  1. Online learning: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other world events, teachers and students may be more overwhelmed than ever. This year, as schools move to online learning, Science teachers have to adjust their curricula so that the quality of the lesson won’t get affected by online teaching. 
  2. Personalized Education: Over the past few years, Science has undergone a personalization process. When a school curriculum is tailored to a student’s unique needs, it is more likely to boost student progress because students can conduct their studies at their own pace.
  3. Merged into an integrated education program: With the goal of popularizing science in English in countries around the world, especially Vietnam, The Ministry of Education and Training has gradually merged the Science education program in English of organizations such as Cambridge, IBO, College Board, … into middle schools and high schools. This helps to increase students’ exposure to Science knowledge as well as improve their English.
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  1. The arrival of STEAM: You may be familiar with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum and how it prepares students to be workforce-ready and to acquire practical and high-demand skills. However, adding Arts along with STEM subjects can improve student results by stimulating their creativity.

The 4 trends of studying Science subjects in English above apply not only to Science in English but also to the entire future of education.

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