How to find A-level Economics tutors?

Làm sao tìm gia sư dạy A-level Economics?
  • September 17 2021
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IA – A-level Economics is a subject chosen by many students because of its high applicability. However, A-level Economics causes many difficulties for students, therefore, parents and students always want to find A-level Economics tutors to support learning outcomes.

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Why is A-level Economics difficult?

There is no denying the high applicability to reality of Economics. Economics knowledge is applied in many different fields including Economics, Society, Politics, etc. Especially, after completing A-level Economics, students can accumulate a solid amount of knowledge to study intensively on the future academic path or apply to build their own business. A subject that offers a multitude of benefits will often go hand in hand with equal difficulty. For A-level Economics, this can be a nightmare for many students because of its particularly large amount of knowledge, requires students to master the Applied Mathematics section and a serious study attitude, work hard and constantly search for updates related to Economics, from which you will be able to complete the complex and in-depth essays of A-level Economics.

In addition, one of the core reasons why acquiring knowledge of A-level Economics becomes more challenging is specialized vocabulary and terminology. When studying at A-level Economics, knowledge is completely transmitted 100% through English textbooks containing countless strange and confusing words and specialized terms. Academic English is still different from General English in style, written expression (essay, report, research paper, etc.) belongs to specialized fields and is not common in General English. Therefore, if students do not master the specialized vocabulary, it will be difficult to grasp the teacher’s lectures, not understand the content in the book or be confused in expressing their ideas.

Because of the above inadequacies, the demand for A-level Economics tutors is constantly increasing. But not all English tutors can teach this subject. How should parents and students find A-level Economics tutors?

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Criteria for finding A-level Economics tutors

A-level Economics tutors are important for students who need to improve the gaps in their knowledge, improve their score, or improve their knowledge to get a higher score. Regardless of the needs, finding a tutor to teach A-level Economics after-hours needs to be selected correctly from the beginning to limit the loss of time as well as reduce the risk of costs. To determine a quality and effective A-level tutor, parents and students can consider the following criteria:

  • The first criterion is the teaching quality of the A-level Economics tutors, which is one of the most important criteria when looking for a tutor for this not-so-easy subject. A-level Economics tutors must have a high level, an official degree along with an international standard knowledge base, diverse teaching expertise with professional pedagogical skills to help students acquire knowledge effectively, and reduce pressure like studying at school.
  • The second criterion is good communication and specialized foreign language ability. Tutors teaching international programs in general and A-level Economics in particular need to study lesson plans and communicate mostly in English. In addition to meeting the standard of normal English communication, tutors must also firmly grasp the typical academic English of A-level Economics to convey concisely and easily to students.

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  • The third criterion is that the tutor has the ability to encourage and create a perfect environment for students to freely, comfortably, and safely share their problems, difficulties and desires. The biggest barrier between students and tutors can be ineffective interaction, which easily makes students depressed when participating in class outside of school hours. If the tutor cares deeply about this issue, the extra-curricular study will become much more interesting and effective.

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