Why should students attend Math tutoring centers?

Math tutoring centers
  • May 25 2021
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IA – When studying at school, there will be many factors affecting the learning quality, many parents have thought of ways for their children to attend Math tutoring centers to improve their grades, academic performance, knowledge…

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Benefits of learning Math in English

Currently, not only students who are studying in international schools from kindergarten to high school can get acquainted with knowledge and language, but also in Vietnamese public schools, the integrated program has been implemented including Math and Science. This will benefit future students with advantages such as confidently participating in international Math competitions, studying abroad, improving critical thinking skills… and there will still be difficulties, so parents will have to send them to Math tutoring centers

International Math tutors

International Math tutors

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Why should students attend Math tutoring centers?

  • Students are not catching up

Depending on the learning ability of each student, the learning speed will vary accordingly. At school, most teachers will teach at an average speed so that the students can absorb, but some will learn slowly and some will learn quickly. This makes those who have less receptive ability than others feel pressured and always in a rushed position, if this situation often happens, they become bored, tired and neglected learning gradually. This is the time when parents need to find Math tutoring centers so they can regain lost knowledge and keep up with other students at school.

  • Scores go down in the long run

Students often drop in school performance due to many reasons besides being lazy. The reasons for the long-term low scores maybe the change of the program (from studying all in Vietnamese to 100% in English), stress due to continuous exams, not knowing how to arrange time, parents not having time or lack concentration in class… If you do not find a solution early, it will cause the students to slip in the bad scores, learning becomes burdensome and parents therefore worry.

Math in English tutors

Math in English tutors

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  • Parents do not manage student’s learning

Parents’ jobs are often occupied, so there will be no time to check their children’s studies. For those who do not have self-awareness, it is easy to ignore and neglect their study. For parents who do not have time to tutor at home, sending them to Math tutoring centers will help them motivate their study, improve grades and parents can also have better control over their child’s learning from the tutoring center.

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