What is the integrated program?

  • February 20 2021
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IA – The integrated program has taken place since 2015 and helped renew people’s thinking about the importance of learning subjects in English at a social scale. So what is the integrated program?

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What is the integrated program?

Integrated program is a combination of teaching and learning of some subjects through English and Vietnamese. Teachers are 100% foreigners with degrees, high professional qualifications, and there will be additional Vietnamese teachers to support in the class.

Subjects included in integrated programs are Math, Science and English and the content of the curriculum will include English and American curriculum and materials compiled from the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.

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The purpose of the integrated program is to help students use and practice language skills that combine creativity and diverse activities such as presentations, debating, teamwork, increase the ability to observe, be more active in the classroom… However, not all students have a good background in English, so that’s why in each class, there are always Vietnamese teachers to support.

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What does the integrated program include?

It includes:

  • Internal integration: The curriculum includes content and topics that are practiced in reality.
  • Multi-disciplinary integration: Students will discuss a variety of topics in many different subjects.
  • Interdisciplinary integration: Students will practice, research, and deal with problems arising from many subjects.
  • Cross-disciplinary integration: Develop practical skills for common subjects that can be applied anywhere.

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The integrated program has been still popularized and applied so far thanks to the advantages such as helping students to have the most comprehensive English exposure, more standard in terms of pronunciation with foreign teachers, having the opportunity to take international exams or study at international schools later…

However, besides the advantages that the integrated program brings, it also has its disadvantages. It seems that the English level of the students is not heterogeneous, leading to the failure to acquire knowledge from foreign teachers evenly, making the students feel depressed and exhausted. Despite its limitations, the integrated program is widely supported and is improving in quality. Now you know what is the integrated program?

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