What is the A-level program?

What is the A-level program?
  • July 30 2021
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IA – Students who are looking for a program that is deeply academic and focused on developing the skills needed for the future, consider the A-level program. This article will help students and parents know more details about what is the A-level program and its benefits.

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What is the A-level program?

A-level (also known as the English Baccalaureate) is a 02-year program managed by Cambridge and accepted as equivalent to IB program. A-level knowledge will be in-depth instead of spreading like IB knowledge. A-level is considered as a “ticket” for helping you become a student of prestigious world universities, especially UK universities, you will be prioritized when earning an A-level certificate. 

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  • A-level is divided into 02 periods corresponding to 02 school years:
    • Year 1 is called AS year (or AS-level year), equivalent to grade 11.
    • Year 2 is called A2 year (or A-level year), equivalent to grade 12.
  • A-level subjects: In the AS-level year, students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects. In the A-level year, students will choose 3 subjects in the subjects from the AS-level year related to their major at the anticipated university and take the A-level certification. If not, students can only finish AS-level, take the AS-level certification and stop there. Depending on the subject, A-level will have 02 options, Mathematics and Mathematics – Further. There are many subjects designed only for the AS level.
  • A-level scale scores: Is ranged from A* to E, in which the AS year ranges from A to E. Most of the top universities accept grades A and B. With a high A-level score, students also accumulate and reduce credits for year 1 of university.
  • How to study and take exams: The difference between A-level and IB is that students are not forced to study by teaching and exam organization international schools, A-level allows private candidates to register in British Council on two occasions in May-June and October-November.
  • One thing students need to note is that international schools often teach A-level under Cambridge CIE, but for overseas students studying A-level, it is advisable to thoroughly study A-level modules (such as OCR, AQA, Edexcel…) to have a suitable study plan.
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Benefits of A-level certificate

After learning what is the A-level program, many parents and students are interested in the benefits that the A-level program brings:

  • Save time and shorten the learning progress: An A-level course will help you study on the right path like in Vietnam, that is, finish grade 10 and continue to study for 2 years A-level, you can apply to international universities. This is different from if you choose to complete the 12th grade of the Vietnamese program and take the baccalaureate degree, you have to study an extra year of the pre-university program to be able to apply to universities in the UK, so studying A-level from the 10th grade will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Improve your skills: With a high standard of academic excellence and adherence to the University curriculum, the A-level program helps students focus on developing their thinking, research ability and in-depth understanding of learning. technical skills, significantly improve specialized English literacy skills, practice communication skills and critical skills necessary when studying at University as well as applying to the future working environment.
  • Identify your own career path: A-level allows students to choose from only 3-4 subjects and focus intensively on those subjects, unlike the heavy Vietnamese curriculum that starts forcing students to study 10-13 subjects a year. A-level students will have the opportunity to spend a lot of time researching the subjects they love to build an extremely strong foundation for the future.
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