The differences between IB and AP

Điểm khác biệt giữa IB và AP
  • January 15 2021
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IA – Should choose to study IB or AP which will be the most suitable choice for you? To answer the question about the differences between IB and AP, below are some information you can consult.

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Although there are the differences between IB and AP, choose IB or AP will depend on the country and the program you will study in the university. That’s the factor that helps you decide what to study.

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Content IB is an International Baccalaureate program born in Switzerland. Managed and licensed by the IBO.IB is approved by most universities around the world. AP is an Advanced Placement program popular in the US and Canada. Created by College Board. The knowledge is a quite intensive equivalent to a 1-year university program.
Subject 6 subject groups: The first language, the second language, Personal and social, Natural sciences, Arts, Math 6 subject groups: Arts, English, History and Social Science, Math and Computer Science, Natural Science, Language and Culture
Choosing Choose 1 subject of 6 subjects, you can replace the subject in group 6 with 1 of the 5 groups above instead. Choose 2-3 subjects related to the field you will choose to take the university entrance exam.
Program Year 1 program: 60-70% program.Year 2: 30-40% and Internal Assessment (IA). 1 year for each subject. There is no formal curriculum for AP exam preparation.
Level 2 levels: Higher Level (HL) with 240 hours.Standard Level (SL) with 150 hours. Undivided level.
Scale 1 to 7 and 3 points EE, TOK, CAS. 1 to 5.
Qualification Criteria to receive equal to 24 points or more, including complete EE, TOK, CAS, and IA. 3 points/subject or more.
Privileges Points accumulate 6-7 points/subject.   Satisfactory for most universities.
Registration Unable to register for the exam, students are required to study and take the exam at the school licensed by the IBO. You can register for the exam at international schools that offer AP exams for students.
Exam May and November each year. May each year.

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Is IB hard?

The differences between IB and AP affect the choice of the study program. IB is suitable for those who intend to study in Europe but fly to the US, AP is the better choice. You can choose the program depending on your interests, abilities, and future orientations.

Finally, IB or AP will not change your life, but doing well in a subject or you like will help you get the highest possible score.

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Is IGCSE hard?

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