SSAT exam preparation center in HCMC

SSAT exam preparation center in HCMC
  • May 31 2021
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IA – In order to study high school abroad, one of the most important criteria for international student to have is SSAT certificate. However, finding a SSAT exam preparation center in HCMC is no easy task.  

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Why do students need SSAT certificate?

SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is designed to evaluate the academic capability of candidates registering into private schools in the US. The core value of SSAT certificate is a mandatory standardized test at most high schools. It is used as a way to measure student’s critical thinking and English skills as well as their problem solving skills.

Most private school applications require students to submit the following documents:

  • Application essay
  • School interview
  • Academic transcript
  • Recommendation letter from teacher
  • SSAT score
SSAT preparation tips to get high score

SSAT preparation tips to get high score

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The reason why private American schools have SSAT as a requirement is to help students familiarize themselves with the exam structure and prepare for future SAT or ACT exams. In addition, if you do not want to study high school because you still have many concerns, though you will choose to study at university in the US then by practicing for SSAT first, then switching to SAT or ACT will be much easier.

How to find an SSAT exam preparation center in HCMC?

There are many factors contributing to the process of achieving a high result on the SSAT, one of which is finding a suitable SSAT exam preparation center. Recently, international certificates such as SSAT, SAT, ACT… are slowly attracting popularity amongst students. That’s why there are many SSAT exam preparation center in HCMC established to meet this demand. 

However, how do you know what a reputable SSAT exam preparation center is? What criteria do we need to assess upon finding a SSAT exam preparation center in HCMC? Intertu Academy will answer those questions:

Where to study SSAT in HCMC

Where to study SSAT in HCMC

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  • Experience and well-seasoned teachers: As the core of any educational institution, teachers are always in direct contact with students. With a team of experienced teachers, students will significantly shorten the time for SSAT preparation, as well as gain valuable test prep tips and practicing methods.
  • Facilities: Compared with chalk and white chalkboard, modern technology tools such as iPads, projectors… will increase students’ learning efficiency. The facilities not only stop at learning tools, but also equipment such as air conditioning, soundproofing rooms, tables, chairs, pens… will also increase comfort and help reduce students’ stress during learning process.
  • Diversity of teaching methods: When you think about studying in an educational center, you will think of a classroom. However, a flexible center will provide many forms of learning for students to choose from such as 1 on 1 class, group class with 2 or more students… This will help students be more comfortable in learning, especially weak students who can get the teacher’s attention that they don’t normally have in a normal classroom. 

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