Reasons why Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English are difficult to study

Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English
  • March 21 2021
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IA – Many students are having a headache with the knowledge and exercises of Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English and finding many methods to improve their learning. What are the reasons why Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English are difficult to study?

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Benefits of learning Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English

Math Physics Chemistry program in English is increasingly popular with many students because it offers many benefits for research and future career opportunities. The first benefit is to conquer international certificates such as IB, AP, IGCSE, A-level… to get closer to the dream of studying abroad in advanced countries in the world.

Besides, Vietnam is increasingly expanding diplomacy and integrating with the speed of development in the world, so it requires the young generation to change their learning methods, thinking, and be more active.

The program both enhances the academic English ability for students and improve necessary knowledge to adapt to the international educational environment and solve problems in reality. However, learning Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English is not easy.

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Math Physics Chemistry in English

Reasons why Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English are difficult to study

  1. Loss of basic knowledge and not good comprehension

Knowledge is a chain, if it is fundamentally lost and has holes in the first, it will be difficult to grasp the next lectures, leading to bad academic results. In addition, the formulas or definitions are very hard, so it is common for students to have difficulty memorizing or confuse formulas when solving problems.

The time spent studying in class is not enough to solve questions and problems. So many students who do not understand the lessons often ignore or do not ask the teachers or friends again, affecting the acquisition of knowledge or misunderstand the problems.

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  1. Inappropriate thinking method

The thinking method is not suitable, the ability of abstract thinking is limited, reducing productivity when solving exercises. When you encounter difficult problems, you should think and reason to find the answer first, if you try many ways but still have no answers, you should ask the help of teachers and friends. Applying this method regularly will help you practice your thinking ability.

  1. Limit Academic English vocabulary

Remembering the theory of Vietnamese program has not been easy. So when studying bilingual or international programs, you have to memorize knowledge in English, this is really a big challenge for students. In addition, the international environment always requires students to have the spirit of self-awareness and actively express their opinions.

If you do not have enough academic vocabulary, you will not be able to fully understand the content of the lecture, and you will not be able to talk to the teacher about the difficult problems you face. You need to improve your English vocabulary and communication skills regularly, avoid “cramming” learning to make your study more effective.

  1. The teacher’s method of communication is ineffective

In addition to the subjective reasons from the students, the teacher’s method of communication is also one of the reasons why Math Physics Chemistry Biology in English are difficult to study. Many teachers have good knowledge, but the teaching and communication methods are not scientific and interesting, which will make you discouraged and do not absorb all the knowledge. Some teachers are not sure of the requirements of the lecture, leading to rambling teaching, not in the right focus, confusing and time consuming.

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