Physics in English teaching resources

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  • December 8 2021
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IA – Physics has relatively “bored” content, learning in English is even more challenging, that’s why many students are exhausted with this subject. Students have to refer to some Physics in English teaching resources in order to improve their scores as desired.

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Physics in English

Physics in English is taught in international programs such as IB, AP, A-level, IGCSE… with relatively diverse content and some differences with the Vietnamese program. Instead of learning about sound and light separately, the international program will include the same topic of waves, because the nature of sound and light is waves.

In addition, students will also learn more thoroughly about quantum and nuclear physics, even astrophysics for advanced level. Finding Physics in English teaching resources will help students focus more on learning, avoid making knowledge gaps, and both their grades and ability to absorb are improved quickly.

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Physics in English teaching resources


  • For students of all levels, from preschool to graduate school, as the site covers material ranging from the basics like STEM to as advanced as engineering physics.
  • Files exist not only in the form of text but also in many formats such as photo books, e-books, videos, mobile applications, related products…
  • In addition to Physics, students can learn more about other subjects because the website gathers extensive knowledge across many fields of science.

Resources for Teaching Physics – CSUN

  • The website aggregates information from many prestigious Physics research organizations around the world such as AIP, PIRA, LAPTAG, AAPT, NSTA, APS, AAAS… so knowledge is always up to date.
  • List out all of the main topics such as force and motion, energy and momentum, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism… from theory to practice.
  • Because of the quality content, especially specific in teaching and learning plan guides, the website can be used by both students and teachers to refer to.

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Learn IB Physics

  • The website is dedicated to students studying IB program, so the content almost follows the program structure, suitable for both students who have lost the basics to good students who want to improve.
  • In addition to the resources corresponding to the subject’s topics, students can also follow other academic video channels linked on the website.
  • The disadvantage is that the resources for options are relatively limited, students can only learn about astronomy, but not about relativity or i


  • Most of the latest scientific works related to Physics in English around the world are posted on the website.
  • Students who are interested in the goal of deepening in higher education such as university or PhD, for example, are very suitable for reference on this platform.

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