Is it difficult to study A-level?

Is it difficult to study A-level
  • January 20 2021
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IA – A-level program is mainly suitable for students choosing to study at university in the UK, but is it difficult to study A-level?

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A-level program

A-level is the preparatory program lasts 2 years. Subjects are chosen based on career orientation and learning ability.

During AS Level year, students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects. In A-level year, students will choose 3 subjects in the subjects from AS year related to the field they will choose to take university entrance exams to continue studying and take the A-level certificate exam. A high A-level score is a prerequisite for attending university.

Each study program will have its own difficulty,  so is it difficult to study A-level?

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The differences between AP and A-level

Is it difficult to study A-level?

Choosing the right subject in an A-level program will help students improve their chances of being admitted to prestigious universities.

For students who have clearly defined their personal goals, learning difficult subjects is not a problem because A-level program does not require too many subjects but will learn deeply in each subject. This is the program designed to help many students develop themselves higher in career fields in the future.

Some soft skills are comprehensively developed from analyzing, solving problems to communicating, speaking in public, handling situations…

To study good A-level, you should:

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The differences between IB and A-level
  • Create a habit of continuous learning, get acquainted, practice different types of exercises from easy to difficult.
  • Solving a lesson in one section may require knowledge in the other. Hence you need to know the integration and extension of the problem.
  • Attentively listening to lectures in class, don’t forget to learn from teachers and tutors who have skills and experience.

Learning A-level is not too difficult, the most important is you need to identify subjects in the program that are suitable for career orientation and learning ability.

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