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Trung tâm dạy kèm IGCSE English First Language
  • October 3 2021
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IA – The IGCSE program is becoming more popular with students, so their need to study and prepare for this certificate is not small. To achieve high results in the IGCSE exam, many students have come to IGCSE English First Language tutoring center.

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Why look for IGCSE English First Language tutoring?

IGCSE English First Language is for students from countries where English is the main language or students from non-English speaking countries but they want to learn in depth and use English fluently as their mother tongue. Students will develop reading comprehension with a variety of texts and develop language ability to be able to respond in English with correct structure, while developing vocabulary and skills to approach other subjects in English at school.

Because of things above, learning IGCSE English First Language becomes difficult for students with poor academic ability. When students listen to the teacher’s explanation, they understand very well, but when they start to analyze the work, they always have trouble.

In this situation, parents often look for tutoring centers, but what criteria will help students find a reliable IGCSE English First Language tutoring center to accelerate their learning?

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How to find IGCSE English First Language tutoring center quality?

Finding a center is quite difficult, parents and students should pay attention to choosing teaching centers according to the “ladder method”, having to go step by step, from low to high, it will be more effective.

  • Teacher must teach 100% in English, the curriculum is taught by subject curricula according to international standards
  • Teachers with expertise, experience, pedagogical skills, and academic English will help students strengthen their knowledge and foundation for advanced learning.
  • Teachers are enthusiastic enough to impart knowledge to help students get the best results and develop their full potential.
  • Innovation, creativity, choice of teaching methods, help overcome weaknesses, increase the ability to focus on learning, increase students’ interest.
  • The center is a pontoon,between parents and students, helping students overcome learning difficulties

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The secret to preparing for IGCSE exam to achieve high results

Reading: Outside of class time, studying at home is very important, spending a lot of time reading books will help students practice reading skills quickly, read for main ideas and expand vocabulary.

Mind map: Read the lesson carefully, draw conclusions, then write it yourself on paper so that the knowledge will be imprinted in the brain cells to help you remember it longer.

Expanding vocabulary: connect new vocabulary with your existing vocabulary and practice putting English sentence patterns in daily exercise situations to familiarize yourself with.

Practice test: It is very important to familiarize yourself with the exam structure, students can find past papers of IGCSE English First Language from previous years to try and check the answers to see if they are studying in the right direction and then have a plan to add appropriate knowledge to increase the score in this subject.

Make a study timetable: the timetable helps you list the topics you need to review, and organize and plan for each subject appropriately.

Find a companion, when you do not understand the knowledge in class, you can find a companion who is a tutor to make learning IGCSE First Language simpler.

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