How to study Physics in English well?

How to study Physics in English well
  • May 3 2021
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IA – Upon taking on the integrated program, many Vietnamese students face great difficulties when tackling Physics in English, then how to study Physics in English well?

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How to study Physics in English well?

Physics is known for being difficult as this subject rarely relies on learn-by-heart method and demands critical thinking to link concepts into a unified vision. To be able to find success in Physics, you need some strategies to assist in your learning progress. Here are some of methods to know how to study Physics in English well:

How to study international Physics well

How to study international Physics well

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  1. Memorize basic constants: Almost all concepts in Physics are specified as a certain constant. Eg:
    • Gravity (on earth): 9.81 meters/second2
    • Speed of light: 3 × 108 meters/second
    • Planck’s Constant: 6.63 × 10-34 Joules × seconds
  2. Master the basics: All advanced knowledge of Physics is derived from the basic knowledge that we developed. Hence, it is very likely that the problems you will have to solve in the exam will be based on these core concepts or a variation of them. Therefore, instead of trying to memorize complex problems, you should identify basic concepts and theories. This will help you understand the fundamentals and relationships between different subjects.How to study Physics wellHow to study Physics well                        

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  1. Practice Math skills: Physics is a subject that combines many elements of Math. If you know the basics of Math, you will easily improve your ability to solve Physics problems. Some complex Physics equations even require specialized Math skills like derivative and integral to solve.
  2. Think conceptually: Different than most subjects, Physics is more than just memorizing and reviewing, but requires panoramic conceptual thinking. Knowing how to study Physics in English well depends on having a solid knowledge of these basics and a flexible mind to be able to evaluate these rules and determine when and how to apply them to a certain problem.

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