How to study Math in English well?

How to study Math in English well
  • May 9 2021
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IA – Children learn Math through English to acquire a new method of learning, overcome language barriers to access an endless learning materials, but how to study Math in English well?

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What are the benefits of Math in English?

Learning Math in English is becoming a trend in the education market today. The reason is simple because studying not only helps students to improve their Math knowledge but also broadens English horizons. However, many parents still feel worried for the difficult curriculum that will put pressure on their children. So what are the benefits of learning Math in English?

  1. Stimulate the child’s brain

In addition to the ability to improve students’ English proficiency, learning Math in English also helps children to actively orient and recognize problems. Besides, they will be able to present ideas and viewpoint in clear and precise ways.

How to study international Math well

How to study international Math well

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  1. Having the opportunity to participate in international competitions

Currently, Vietnam competitions not only stop at the domestic level but there are also many international competitions for primary and high school such as International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), Australian Mathematics Exam (ACM)… When they have the opportunity to participate in these competitions, they will show their abilities, gain more experiences, meet and interact with international friends.

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  1. Opportunities to study abroad in the future

Learning Math in English not only helps to consolidate English skills but also stimulates the development of long-term thinking and helps students prepare to their study abroad journey in the future.

How to study Math in English well?

Learning Math in English can cause many difficulties for students in many aspects such as Math terms, the difficulty of the program, limited references… The following are methods to help students know how to study Math in English well:

How to study Math well

How to study Math well

  • Write down everything: Math requires high precision and students should not take it lightly. If you do not understand even one word, you can mislead about a concept.
  • Do not ignore the knowledge that you do not understand: Do not study just to pass the subject. When you learn Math, you should understand why such method achieves the result. This will develop your skills in the future.
  • Do most exercises: Math requires students to solve many different types of exercises because each type of exercise is a new knowledge. Remember, it’s not as important to get the best score as you understand the answer and the way to solve the exercise.
  • Use sticky notes: These small papers can help students record the main ideas and details of lectures in school that are not available in the book. From there, students can easily review old knowledge more effectively.

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