Does HCM city have Biology in English tutoring centers?

Does HCM city have Biology in English tutoring centers?
  • August 16 2021
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IA – Unlike Math in English which can be easily found after-school tutoring, it is more difficult to find quality Biology in English tutoring centers in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Difficulties finding Biology in English tutoring centers

Biology is a highly applicable subject in life and is a compulsory subject for students who choose future careers related to Medicine, Food, Microbiology, etc. Currently, the majors are Medicine, Biology and Genetics are making amazing progress. The research in Biology that helps people find solutions to new and dangerous diseases, as well as the rise of excellence in microbiological technology is constantly emerging, increasing the need to learn Biology more than ever.

However, because of the importance of this subject, most of the most advanced knowledge, the best research institutions in Biology are of international relevance. The term Biology is also of English origin. Therefore, students with an academic and career-related orientation in Biology choose to study Biology programs in English to be highly competitive.

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In addition to studying at school, in order to constantly improve and cultivate knowledge, students and parents choose international after-school tutoring centers to improve their learning ability. However, the difficulty lies in the limited number of teachers capable of tutoring Biology in English. Most of those who have come into contact with studied through international Biology programs and studied abroad comprehensively did not choose Pedagogy. This leads to the scarcity of highly qualified and experienced Biology teachers in English with an optimal approach to students in Ho Chi Minh City. The above causes lead to the problem of parents and students being worried and confused in finding quality and effective Biology teachers or tutoring centers in English.

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How to choose Biology in English tutoring centers?

Understanding the demand for Biology in English tutoring centers, many English centers also offer Biology in English courses. Therefore, finding a place for students in English is not too difficult, but it is important to find a place that properly supports the quality of international education and has a team of highly qualified teachers that need the most attention. Here are the criteria parents and students should consider before choosing a place to send your trust:

  • Position in the international education field: The field of international education has only been popular and received strongly in recent years. Therefore, international tutoring centers pioneering in the field of extra-curricular teaching of subjects in English for international – bilingual – integrated schools students will bring more confidence to parents and students. Because once they are one of the pioneer centers in the field of international education, they will know why parents and international students often seek help from them as well as gain a lot of experience in international subjects, from which we can advise on the right focus of the problem and the most reasonable way to handle the problem.
  • High-quality teachers: Centers specializing in teaching subjects in English will be different from ordinary English teaching centers in terms of field characteristics. English language centers usually only require teachers with the pedagogical ability and relevant qualifications in the field of English teaching, while centers that teach international subjects require teachers not only to have high qualifications English skills but the strong professional ability is also a mandatory standard. Therefore, a quality Biology in English tutoring center will require teachers with above-average English ability, a pedagogical qualification in teaching Biology, and requires experience in teaching international programs, to ensure that teachers are fully qualified to support students who choose Biology subjects in English.
  • Improved teaching methods: The next criterion parents and students need to consider is whether the center’s teaching methods are scientific and effective. The effective method of teaching Biology is to focus on discovering the long-standing knowledge gaps of students, developing a roadmap to improve the learning progress suitable for each student and having an easy-to-understand teaching style for easily receptive, minimizing the way of teaching and learning passively and making students rely too much on teachers.
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