Chemistry in English learning methods

Chemistry in English learning methods
  • April 5 2021
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IA – In order to fulfill your dream of studying abroad, you need to study Chemistry in English, but this will be a horror for students if you do not have appropriate Chemistry in English learning methods.


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Study Chemistry in English cannot happen overnight, learners have to go through a lot of practice and self-improvement, then Chemistry in English is no longer a horror. Here are some applicable Chemistry in English learning methods that has summarized.

Chemistry in English tutors

Chemistry in English tutors

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  • Improve vocabulary and terminology: In order to fully understand the knowledge of any subject, you should focus on mastering terminologies and vocabulary. Learning by heart vocabulary and terminologies is necessary but without really understanding and using semantics in accordance with the context, you will not be able to remember a word forever. Apply new vocabulary and terminology to each context, give yourself examples and relate to real-life things and phenomena, you will remember them longer and more effectively.
  • Brush up on your Math: When studying Chemistry, you will definitely have to use many formulas and equations to solve. So if you cannot remember how to solve logarithms or quadratic equations, it is essential to review your knowledge. Some of the concepts you should familiarize yourself with include: algebraic equations, exponents, negative numbers, scientific notation, fractions and logarithms.

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  • Appropriate materials choosing: Materials are like battle weapons. Finding books that are good and suitable for your level and needs will help you get Chemistry in English learning methods and improve your score much effectively. Don’t go for a book because it seems like it is an easier text, but in fact it includes the basic knowledge that many of you are lacking. Be firm on the basics, from which you will be more confident with advanced knowledge. If you are in doubt about the right books, search the forums to support each other or ask the teachers directly.
Chemistry in English learning methods

Chemistry in English learning methods

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  • Work with study buddies: Compared with self-study to be active in time, knowledge and study schedule, one of the ways to overcome personal weaknesses and increase learning efficiency is group study. Group study aims to let good classmates help weaker ones, each member contributes and helps others to achieve a common goal. This is an ideal environment to practice teamwork skills that everyone will need in their future. However, group study also has limitations such as easy distraction, inaccurate knowledge… To overcome these points, you should consider studying in a group with a reputable tutor to increase efficient results.

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