After school tutoring program

After school tutoring program
  • April 19 2021
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IA – International education is growing and chosen by many parents. The international program is actually not as easy as many people think but can also cause many difficulties. That’s why many students have to choose an after school tutoring program.

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Misconceptions about after school tutoring program

For international students, studying at school is not enough. Unlike Vietnamese schools, international students often face the difficulties in language and learning methods. They often does not put pressure on young students because the simple studying content helps to form a general knowledge of Math, Science and Language along with diverse extracurricular activities to build creative thinking and soft skills.

But for the high school level, students will panic with the huge and hardship amount of knowledge because this will be an important period before entering the college or university. That is why many parents have to seek support from after school tutoring program so that their scores are not reduced and prepare for the upcoming exams.

After school tutoring center

After school tutoring center

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Who should study after school tutoring program?

Those who study the pre-university programs such as IB, AP, A-level… often need after school tutoring support. Those who have just completed secondary level at Vietnamese public schools and when they reach high school, they want to transfer to an international school, so the biggest problem is the barrier to academic English vocabulary, especially with the subjects that have many difficult terms such as Biology, Literature, Psychology…

For those who have had the opportunity to access an international education since childhood, most of them will have problems with knowledge, not keeping up at school, difficulties in applying the theory to practice exercises from basic to advanced… makes them pressure and lag back in scores. In addition, there are some students who have achieved the desired score but still want to get the maximum score to receive scholarships from famous universities in the world.

International education center

International education center

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From the different needs of each student, after school tutoring centers will provide maximum support for the terminology in English and background knowledge, guide to solve past paper and give effective exam tips. The program will direct students to independence in thinking and reasoning, such as analyzing or evaluating a problem and how to solve it. With a variety of studying types and class sizes, students can choose according to their needs and interests such as learning online, 1-on-1 study or in small groups.

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