Standards for bilingual academy

Bilingual academy
  • March 18 2021
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IA International and bilingual schools are becoming more and more popular due to the increasing demand of parents who want their children to study in an open-minded environment. So parents often wonder what are the standards for bilingual academy?

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Why choose a bilingual academy?

Bilingual academy is created to support students who are studying at international and bilingual schools have difficulty in school and want to improve their scores after school. For international and bilingual elementary, secondary and high schools, parents and students base on the standards for choosing such as the modern environment, full of advanced teaching facilities, and the quality of teachers according to requirements of international organizations to provide educational programs, the assurance of skills and output qualifications to ensure students enter higher levels of education such as international universities and colleges.

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What are the standards for bilingual academy?

As a place where parents and students strongly believe in the quality of out-of-school instruction, a bilingual academy must meet the following standards:

  • Quality and prestigious teachers: This should be the top factor that a bilingual academy needs to meet. A place with reputable teachers will help learners feel secure with the quality of the knowledge they impart and the rich experience in teaching will help them grasp the characteristics and abilities, therefore, students are quickly filled the gaps in knowledge and achieve good results.

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  • Learning environment: An appropriate learning environment for a bilingual academy is to create a place that not only helps students relax and thrive from external factors such as a bright classroom and appropriate temperature, but also from the teachers themselves. Teachers will create, develop, maintain and nurture a good learning environment for their own students through interaction, knowledge transmission, understanding of the situation of students in the class… for students to feel enthusiasm, initiative and trust when participating the class.

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  • Creating connections between students and parents: During the learning process, the academy will be the main link between students and parents. Parents need to know what their children have been reviewed, how new lessons are learned and the cooperative attitude when joining the class with their friends. Reporting students’ learning by day, week, month and year will help parents feel assured about where they send their children, as well as cooperate with the academy to support and remind students in time, to help students make more progress thanks to valuable lessons in class and maximum practice time at home.

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