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  • December 29 2021
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IA Whether learning through self-studying at home or an after school center, you will always need a reliable source of learning resources. Below are reputable and effective Math in English learning resources that students can refer to.

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Math in English

Math in English is commonly taught in international programs such as IB Math, AP Math, A-level Math, IGCSE Math… along with many Math sections in international certificates. Accordingly, Math in each program will have a different set of specific topics and content.

For example, in IB program, students can either choose to study IB Math AI (Applications and Interpretation) or IB Math AA (Analysis and Approaches), while in A-level program, students can choose to study A-level Math or A-level Further Math. Depending on your learning goals, you can choose the subject that best suits you.

Therefore, in order to find the right Math in English learning resources, students must determine the Math subject that they want to study, list out the sections in the syllabus, as well as distinguish the basic differences between programs in order to build a study plan based on the resources that you choose.

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Math in English learning resources for reference

Open Middle

  • The website includes Math learning materials in English for students from kindergarten to high school level. It’s especially suitable for students studying the American educational program that follows the Common Core standards.
  • Besides English, the course content is also written in French and Spanish.
  • Each topic has accompanying games, which both review relevant knowledge and helps students practice what they have already

Rossman Chance

  • The site was founded by two mathematicians Allan J. Rossman and Beth L. Chance.
  • This resource is relatively in-depth and suitable for those who have interest in the study of Statistics and Probability.
  • Besides sharing materials, this website also publishes the latest Math research papers exclusively for graduate students.

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  • The website is not only for students but also supports teachers in lesson planning with its rich resources.
  • Math topics given here are for students from grade 6 onward so the site may not be suitable with elementary students.
  • Thanks to partnerships with leading educational institutions such as IB, Cambridge, Pearson, the website is very diverse in terms of resources for international programs.
  • The downside of this platform is that you cannot access anonymously. The site requires creating a login account as there are fees for certain types of documents.

Visual Patterns

  • The website was founded by Vietnamese programmer Fawn Nguyen with the aim “learn to play, play to learn”, emphasizing on solving math rather than learning it.
  • Math topics given here are for grade 8 or lower students, so high school students may not be suitable users.
  • This website content are all Math games that students can always learn something after playing.
  • A drawback of this platform is a lot of junk advertisments, causing students a lot of trouble if they are not careful when accessing it.

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