How to register for A-level as a private candidate?

How to register for A-level as a private candidate?
  • July 23 2021
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IA – You are preparing to prepare for the A-level exam but you are not sure where to register for the exam, the article will provide information on how to register for A-level as a private candidate for your reference.

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Some information about the A-level program

A-level is a program that is suitable for students who choose to study abroad in the UK. The A-level program lasts for 2 years and is divided into 2 levels.

The first year of the A-level program is called the AS year, students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects; in the second year, they will choose 3 of the subjects of the AS year.

Depending on each subject, A-level will be divided into levels, for Mathematics there are 2 levels: Mathematics and Mathematics – Further

A-level scale: A-level points will range from A* to E, AS points will range from A to E, when achieving high A-level scores, students will be accumulated and exempted credit reduction for 1st year of college.

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How to register for A-level as a private candidate?

  • To register for the A-level exam, you can register at international schools that are licensed to teach A-level by Cambridge, in addition, the A-level can also register for the A-level exam freely at the British Council, the British Council Vietnam will answer information about your registration.
  • Website for you to register for a free A-level exam The A-level exam is provided by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), candidates are free to register for the A-level exam 2 times a year, May-June and October-November. All exams will be focused on the UK and results will be announced in August and January.
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What are the conditions to participate in a free A-level study?

  • Master the programming knowledge at least the amount of knowledge of grade 10, 11 of the Vietnamese program, and knowledge equivalent to IGCSE
  • Good level of English, because A-level knowledge is entirely in English, so you need to have good English vocabulary as well as good reading comprehension ability to learn.
  • A Level is an ideal choice for high school students who have carefully researched the subject they want to pursue
  • It is important that you check the information about the college you are about to apply to when you have a desire to study intensively in specific subjects and dream of studying at a prestigious university.

If you are a private candidate, instead of needing about 2 years to prepare well for the A-level exam, you can shorten the time to about 100 hours/subject to focus on preparing for the A-level exam.

When you have researched and carefully prepared the information to register for how to register for A-level as a private candidate? What is A-level? What you need to learn for the A-level program, now let’s start studying and preparing to best prepare for the A-level exam.

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