Where to study Literature in English?

Ở đâu dạy Ngữ Văn bằng tiếng Anh?
  • September 20 2021
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IA – In subjects in English, Literature represents a socio-cultural aspect with a distinctive mark of international literature. However, every subject in English has difficulties, so many students look for where to study Literature in English to learn this subject well.

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Benefits of Literature in English

Before answering the question “Where to study Literature in English?”, we should find out why Literature in English is increasingly chosen to study. Literature has long become a subject that brings spiritual education value and builds the human soul, contributing to creating a foundation for students to know how to reason logically and scientifically, present and express ideas coherently, develop thinking about language in daily communication and cultural understanding to help people understand each other better.

Similar to Literature in Vietnamese, Literature in English will help students contact literary works in the world from the past to the present, thereby training reading comprehension skills to help perceive the language as well as developing the ability to write essays, interpret, analyze, critique arguments about works. Gradually, students who choose Literature in English form the ability to analyze, reflect, discuss and especially read and write, serving well in all aspects of learning. However, Literature in English is different from Vietnamese, of course in terms of language, in addition, it is also different in focusing on creativity, linking, and searching for different information not only found in books. Thus, Literature in English not only brings linguistic advantages in terms of communication as well as specialization, but also a solid and long-term foundation for students to pursue other subjects under international programs.

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Where to study Literature in English?

Besides the rich and abundant knowledge, Literature in English will be taught 100% in English, so it is common for students to have difficulties in the learning process. Since then, parents and students are always motivated to find a place to teach outside of this subject to improve and supplement their knowledge in the most comprehensive way. Currently, there are quite a few international education centers born to meet the needs of fostering Linguistic knowledge in English after-school, however, subjects in English are often not easy and complicated compared to General English, so parents and students should be careful when choosing a reputable place for their children to study.

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First, the quality of teachers is the leading criterion in choosing a place to study Literature in English. The main goal for most parents and students when looking for a place to teach an international supplementary subject after-hours is to improve grades or enhance academic performance as far as possible, therefore, teachers need to meet the requirements of teaching expertise, formal qualifications, standard English language skills, impressive teaching experience and good student interaction. Literature in English often causes students to face difficulties in language barriers, so they will not really understand the meaning of sentences and messages conveyed by works like their mother tongue. Connects students and works through concise, focused, and familiar instruction. In addition, tutors must have good communication skills in English, can shape and create a passion for literature in students through their lectures.

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The next criterion that also contributes to promoting the learning efficiency of students is the learning environment and learning method. The learning environment makes an important contribution to absorbing knowledge from teachers, a quality English language teaching center will have a quiet study space, moderate but comfortable rooms. Create a sense of security and enjoyment in learning for students. In addition, the form of 1-on-1 or small-group learning also depends on learning interests, individual personality, and learning needs. If students want the teacher to keep a close eye on the learning process and can actively arrange the time at will, the 1-on-1 learning model will be completely suitable. For the small group form (Class size from 5 to 8 students), it will help students be more active in learning, practice thinking skills, critical thinking, and leadership skills, and reduce learning costs.

Currently, there are quite a few places that study Literature in English, concentrated in big cities with high demand for international programs such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, parents and students can refer to quality and reputation places at websites or social networks to find the right place. If geographical distance is an obstacle, online learning has also become more popular and effective recently that parents and students can consider and choose.

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