Where to study Chemistry in English?

Where to study Chemistry in English
  • March 6 2021
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IA – Nowadays, the curriculum of Chemistry in English is not only taught in international schools, but also integrated schools and many centers also enroll this subject. So where to study Chemistry in English among many schools and centers?

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Chemistry in English

Chemistry is the scientific field related to elements, compounds, atoms, molecules, and ions, and studies about their composition, structure, properties, as well as changes when they react with other substances. For example, chemistry explains aspects of plant chemistry (botany), the formation of igneous rock (geology), how ozone in the atmosphere is formed, and how environmental pollutants are degraded (ecology), the properties of the soil on the moon (cosmochemistry), how the medications work (pharmacology), and how to collect DNA evidence at the crime scene (forensics).

Therefore, this subject requires students to have a solid background, analytical ability as well as applying theory into practice. But not all students meet the above requirements, especially when studying Chemistry in English.

Chemistry in English tutors

Chemistry in English tutors

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Difficulties in learning Chemistry in English

  • Huge amount of knowledge along with solving exercises in English.
  • The time of studying at school and class is not enough to fully understand what the teachers convey as well as to exchange and answer questions.
  • When students have to self-study and improve their knowledge, they have difficulties with complex academic and specialized words.
  • There are many different resources, students will have difficulty choosing suitable materials.

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Where to study Chemistry in English?

Chemistry in English center

Chemistry in English center

There are many foreign language centers, but it is not easy to answer the question where to study Chemistry in English because most centers only provide English teachers to impart knowledge but not enough expertise to improve learning outcomes as well as answer international Chemistry specialized issues for students.

Understanding that, after school tutoring centers were officially born to focus on students studying at international schools and integrated programs. They consult and provide supplementary courses for after-hours knowledge, access the latest educational and training solutions by teachers have many years of experience teaching international programs or have experienced, so they will understand the difficulties that students are facing, then they could help students overcome the problem with effective methods. 

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