Where to learn Math in English?

Where to study Math in English
  • July 16 2021
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IA – In an era in which integrated curriculum is widely being taught, it is very important to know where to study Math in English?

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In Vietnam in recent years, many primary and secondary schools have begun to apply the integrated curriculum to their curriculum. With the combined program from the UK national curriculum and the Vietnamese standard curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training for 3 core subjects English, Maths, and Science. Among them, Mathematics is the one that many students and parents are most interested in.

Math is a compulsory subject and has been familiarized to many students starting from kindergarten. Math in English will have breakthrough innovations in teaching, lesson planning, knowledge transmission, a balance between ensuring content transmission between English and Vietnamese, and skill-building. Many of you who are not familiar with it will be very confused while having no direction on how to properly learn this subject. Therefore, it is very important to find out where to study Math in English to help students get used to this subject.

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Where to learn Math in English?

To know where to learn Math in English, we must provide a list of search criteria first. The following are the necessary criteria when looking for a tutor or tutoring center that teaches Math in English:

  • Friendly and open communication:
    • Communication: Communication is one of the keys to success in teaching. Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication, so the teacher’s posture and use of language are very important.
    • Willingness to share the experience: Each teacher will have his or her own learning experience and if they are open to sharing valuable experiences with students, it will help them save learning time as well as avoid making unnecessary mistakes.
  • Knowing how to build a teacher-student relationship:
    • Provide indirect support: Of course, a tutor or center must assist students in achieving their desired educational aspirations. However, teachers should not directly guide students by giving them answers and doing Math practice for them. A good tutor must know how to guide students to do their own work and absorb knowledge without having to directly help them. 
    • Identify weaknesses: A good place to learn Math in English must know how to identify students’ weaknesses and from there develop lesson plans to help improve those weaknesses.
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  • Knowing how to build lesson structures and study plans for students:
    • Help students identify goals and measurable objectives: A student who needs the help of a tutor or tutoring center means that he or she is lost in his/her education. The criteria required in a tutor is that they must know how to lead students to find their own educational pathway and follow it.
    • Must actively work with the students’ parents to build a suitable study plan: Nobody understands children better than their own parents. Before setting goals and guiding students, a good tutor needs to identify the characteristics, personality, and educational level of students with their parents to create a suitable learning plan.
  • Developing students’ skills:
    • Building their independence: A bad habit of most students who have a tutor or studying at a tutoring center is that they are often very dependent on their tutors. A good tutor must know how to apply the “I do – We do – You do” rule to help students become more independent in learning.
    • Helping students stay consistent: One of the many reasons why many students have low academic achievement is because they are not actively engaged in learning. A good tutor must guild students to impose on themselves a fixed schedule by being patient, encouraging, and flexible in each lesson.

Hopefully, with the criteria above, students and parents know where to study Math in English.

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