Tutoring Centers for International School Students

Tutoring Centers for International School Students
  • August 13 2021
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IA – Despite the small number of international schools in Vietnam, nowadays the demand for tutoring centers for international students is increasing significantly.

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Most of the international programs such as IGCSE, A-level, IB, AP, … are very new compared to the majority of Vietnamese people. Getting acquainted with and starting to study these programs will bring many difficulties for Vietnamese students. That is the main reason why many students begin to look for tutoring centers for international school students. But why is the international program so difficult? What causes so many students to seek help from tutoring centers?

Most of the tutoring centers for international school students in Vietnam have been established in recent years, so traditional parents are still quite unfamiliar with the format and learning structure of international programs.

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Why do many parents and students choose to study international programs?

In Vietnam, international schools often cater to internationally mobile ex-pat families, people working in international businesses, foreign embassies, etc. However, there are also cases where Vietnamese students attend international schools to broaden their mindset and knowledge of English.

At international schools, instead of students going to follow the standard curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, students will choose to study different curricula, belonging to international education systems. different economies, derived from the advanced education of many countries in the world, collectively known as the international program.

At the high school level, the IGCSE program designed by Cambridge is widely recognized for training students from the ages of 14 to 17. The program consists of 3 core subjects: English, Maths, and Science with 5 or 6 other elective subjects.

At the pre-university level, the IB program is the most popular, followed by the A-level program of England that is equivalent to the 11th and 12th-grade curriculum. In addition, there is an AP program to make it easy for students to get full scholarships at universities in the United States.

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Tutoring Centers for International School Students

Depending on the situation, parents may be looking for a center to remediate and assist their child in keeping up with the school curriculum, or to help keep the student on track with schoolwork, providing instructional support a mixed approach, exam preparation, etc. However, before looking for a tutoring center for international students, parents need to clearly define the following criteria:

  1. Know your learning goals

This is what every parent and student needs to do before starting to find international student tutoring centers. Ask yourself or your student’s homeroom teacher:

  • What kind of support does your child need?
  • What subject areas does your child need help with? Do you need to improve your grade (chemistry, geometry)?; Improve general skills (math, reading, science); studying skills; Or motivate children to learn?
  • What are your child’s learning attitude and personality like? What methods of learning do you think it’s best to achieve the highest learning efficiency?
  • The cost that parents are willing to spend on tuition fee
  1. Know your options:
  • Call your school counselor or homeroom teacher and share your child’s progress. Most schools have a list of registered tutors and tutoring centers on file at the counseling office. Often it is in the form of a resume or flyer. Parents can start their search here.
  • Check local articles, many quality tutoring centers often have articles on them that parents and students can refer to.
  • Use the Internet to find tutoring centers near you. This is the easiest method that parents and students can apply.
  1. Test your options:

After having compiled a list of tutoring centers for international school students from different sources. It’s time for you to conduct research about each center:

  • Check the credentials carefully. Ask questions to see if their center’s skills match your/your child’s needs (Teaching experience, education, facilities, tuition, etc.)
  • If possible, it is very important that you ask students who are taking and have already taken courses at these centers to better understand their performance and quality.
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