How to study Math in English?

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  • November 25 2021
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IA – Math has never been an easy subject, so it is necessary to have the right learning methods in order to gain progress. To conquer this subject, you can refer to some Math in English learning methods below.

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Start from the basics

This is not only an effective Math in English learning method but it can also be applied to any subjects. All complex Math sections are based on simpler ones. Even when you feel that you have mastered the basics, you should not be subjective as without proper understanding of basic knowledge, you can easily be confused when solving a math exercise and get the wrong answer as a result.

Reinforce Math terms in English

Studying Math in your native language is already difficult, but it’s even harder to be good at Math in English because of the language barrier. You must accumulate academic vocabulary so as to keep up with the lesson, otherwise you will surely fail when facing a challenging math problems, no matter how much math knowledge you have.

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“Sense of math” is also important

To most students learning English, “sense of language” is much more important than studying grammar. Sense of language is an intuition that helps you determine if a word or a sentence when placed in a specific context is appropriate or not, even if you do not really grasp the grammatical structure of that word or sentence. “Sense of math” is no different, if your sense of math feels something wrong about your answer, it is highly possible that there is an unresolved problem and you have to review your solution step-by-step to come up with a more reasonable answer.

Summarize the problem before solving

This is one of Math in English learning methods that most often ignores, but it has a very strong impact on the learning result. Alongside a series of, the test also has a lot of carefully planted tricks and traps. Without summarizing the data provided, it is easy for students to confuse or miss significant information, thereby taking the wrong solving steps and ultimately gives out the incorrect answer.

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Knowing how to compare

Whenever having an incorrect answer, you need to examine the correct one and compare each step of your work to find out where your solution is wrong. Going through this whole process will help you quickly learn the solving procedure and remember that math problem, so that you won’t make the same mistake upon facing similar ones later.

Looking for help

If you can’t figure out a suitable way to learn Math in English, you can always seek advice from teachers, friends, or an after school tutoring center to help you build an effective learning method. By doing so, you can reduce the time of struggling with Math without having any fruitful result.

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