How to study Chemistry in English well?

How to study Chemistry in English well
  • May 6 2021
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IA – With the current trend of globalization, studying subjects in English is increasingly popular and brings many benefits to students. Chemistry in English is chosen by many students because of the popularity in the relevant jobs, but how to study Chemistry in English well?

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How to study Chemistry in English well?

When studying any subject, we all expect that we can get high marks or at least pass it, Chemistry is no exception. To be able to study Chemistry well, you can refer to the following methods:

  • Increasing Chemistry terms in English: The lack of specialized vocabulary and terminology will make you confused, passive and distracted when acquiring knowledge from the instructor. Vocabulary is one of three components that make up the language knowledge system and plays a mean to help students understand specialized content. To enrich your vocabulary, you can read Chemistry books in English, actively look up new words and take notes, apply that word in the right context and set your own examples to help remember words or phrases well. 
  • Actively learn: Chemistry doesn’t require you to remember too many things, you just need to focus on some basic topics such as concepts, structures, phenomena, reaction sequences, chemical formulas, regularly do experiments and observe phenomena in nature… because the theory is very close to reality. Then, you will earn a lot of interesting knowledge which is not available in books. 
How to study International Chemistry well

How to study International Chemistry well

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  • Practice many exercises and mock tests: Practicing exercises or mock test seems tough and discouraging at first, but this will be one of the keys to help you better in Chemistry. Chemistry usually has the main types of exercises such as writing reaction chains, recognize and explain phenomena, solve math… Practicing many exercises and tests will help you to expose you to many types of exams, fast understand the test questions, and then solve the problems in time. In addition, you can also point out your own mistakes and correct them immediately, so when facing the exam, you will make less mistakes.
  • Learning form experiences: Some students study very well by themselves, but others are struggling because of confusion in finding a suitable self-study. If you panic about your grades in school and self-study does not help you anywhere, why not study with friends? Group study is one of the best ways to help you acquire knowledge quickly, share the learning experiences to get good score and especially with tutor support, your level will impressively increase. 
How to study Chemistry well

How to study Chemistry well

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Depending on your ability, absorb and the time spent with Chemistry, there are many methods to get how to study Chemistry in English well that are suitable for each one. Maybe you will continue to get bad grades, continue to not understand the lesson but do not give up, maybe the most important thing to learn well comes from your own diligence and industriousness.

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